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Cultivating Blooms for Every Occasion 

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Root'd Floral carefully curates each arrangement according to the event, and the client's custom vision.

Styled to mimic a garden, products are designed with lots of dimension and texture, but still balanced to result in a romantic, natural, organic look. We want our work to seem like it grew naturally, while still feeling cohesive.

The majority of each arrangement ingredients are local blooms! As a small business ourselves, we love to support other small local businesses such as Utah's flower farms. The quality that local blooms bring to each piece is unmatched and special. Pumped full of love from farm, to florist, to client. 

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Organic & Lush

Photo: Kate Osborne

Every event is very unique, therefore, florals are impossible to fit into one cookie cutter mold. This is of our favorite things about the trade! Endless possibilities and creativity. No two arrangements are the exact same.

In order to curate YOUR vision, we like to talk to you directly, take notes, and collaborate.

Meet the Designer

Abby Manning

Hi! I'm Abbs, the founder and designer of Root'd. I grew up in Utah, surrounded by mountains, where I found passion in nature! I specialize in Weddings, Events, and various Photoshoots

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